Joy of Giving

As the year came to an end, we took the time to reflect on our lives and how we could be of a helping hand to those in need. We found out that cancer is the number one cause of death in Singapore which accounts for about 30% of all deaths.

School House Bythegarden took part in Joy of Giving in December 2013 for an Island-wide Charity Drive in Singapore to raise funds and awareness for cancer patients from Singapore Cancer Society and to also lend helping hands to support their families.

To get the children ready for the event, they were educated on the pains and troubles of those affected and how the money donated could provide comfort to them. We also held rehearsals so that the children learnt how to approach the public for donations. The event has been a learning journey as the children were taught to put their communication skills into good use when interacting with the public and they were also educated on the importance on giving back to the community.

We raised a total of $11,351.70 through everyone’s generous donations and the selling of consignment bears during the month long charity drive. Once the charity drive was over, the children spent a great deal of time thanking the public for their heart felt donations by creating decorated personalized “Thank You” cards.

Everyone especially the children at School House Bythegarden felt great for being able to contribute to Singapore Cancer Society despite their young tender age. The children are looking forward to participate in such community events yearly.

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