Parenting Series - Raising A Bilingual Children

Singapore is a multilingual society and we are constantly exposed to different languages at different times. To speak one language fluently is challenging enough – not to mention two!

Through this talk, the speaker aims to share how she worked with all her existing resources to raise two bilingual children who use both English and Chinese comfortably at home and at school.

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Open House - Art Reimagined

An Open House art exhibition by School House By The Garden’s children using recycled materials.

Join us from 13th to 18th February and see how with a bit of creative and artistic flair using only recycled waste materials, let our children share their vision of arts reimagined.

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Open House

Don’t miss this chance to interact with our passionate teachers and principals in this fun-filled open house. Learn more about our holistic approach towards learning which consists of field trips and enrichment programmes to ensure the best possible learning experiences for your child.

Call 6653 8098 to sign up now

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